Would you like us to build you a custom email marketing blueprint, for free?

Dear influencer,

As you may already know with instagrams algorithm changes, your posts are no longer getting the amount of exposure as they used to. This can be frustrating as an influencer since your brand depends on the content your followers see.

Unfortunately, as instagram continues to constantly change their aglorithm, it will drastically impact your users engagement and the visibility to your posts will decrease even more. 

So the best way to outsmart these changes is to simply build an automated email marketing system since email is still statistically proven to still be the primary channel that consumers use to communicate with brands online and has higher chances of sale conversions, has wider reach, and greater click through rate, and overall better ROI than social media marketing.  

But most importantly you have - safety, reliability, & true ownership.

This may be the biggest benefit of having an email list.

Because with instagram or any platform that is not your own, your followers could be taken away from you at any time.  But with email marketing, you fully own your list of prospects. 

(but fortunately, you don't have to choose between the two). The best online marketing strategy right now is a well-rounded approach. 

Simply put, you should use instagram to promote your brand's image and drive visitors to your website (optin-page) where you have an automated email marketing system where you can convert those visitors into loyal subscribers and into leads that converts into sales consistently, predictably, and profitably.

But there's a problem.

Two, actually.

Here they are.

First, these types of systems are incredibly complex to build.

Second you can't help but wonder ...

Will It Really Work For Your Business?

And if you're asking yourself that question right now, it means you're smart.

Here's why: Your business really is different.

You have your own unique message, your own unique market you're going after, your own unique price points, and your own unique way of selling.

So anybody that tries to blindly tell you that "this is gonna work great!" without taking the time to really understand exactly how your business works is either just trying to make a sale or blindly naive.

And that’s why we’re going to review your business and give you a custom email marketing blueprint, free.

here's why we're doing this.

It’s simple.

We know that a certain percentage of people we do this for will want me to build their marketing systems for them.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be, we figured I'd just demonstrate that I can help you by …actually helping you.

For free.

Here's How we'll Do It.

We will review your business, your offer, your sponsors, and your current sales process (or your plans for selling a future offer).

Next, we'll work with you to determine how many leads and subscribers you want to generate each month, whats your sales goals are, etc.

After that it’s time to get to work. Based on what you tell us…

We'll Give You A Custom "Blueprint" Of A Complete Series Of Integrated email Campaigns Specifically For Your Brand

And we believe that once we do this for you, one of these two things will happen: 

1. The first possibility is you love the blueprint, you immediately see the power and the potential it has for your business, and you decide you want to build the system yourself. If that's the case, great! I'm happy we could help and I wish you the best of luck.  

2. The second possibility is you love the blueprint and you'll want us to actually build out the entire website and email marketing system for you and manage it.

And if that's the case, we'll get to work immediately

Here's What Happens When We Decide To Work Together

First, we take the very blueprint we gave you …and actually build the complete system for you, based on that very blueprint.

We do all the “tech stuff” like designing and setting up your website,  email opt in forms, your autoresponders, your follow up sequences, your order forms. etc.

We build everything in wordpress and we build all your web pages for you. (and we'll even cover the installation fee for you as well.)

Then we build your web pages for you.

We’ll analyse and optimise the content we create over time to make sure it’s successful.

Next, we tie it all together so it just works.

Finally, we populate the entire campaign with written world-class sales copy.

But that’s just the beginning.

Once that's set up, we then build and install seven "building block" campaigns for you.

And by the way, we really do this for you.

We don’t tell you how to do it or bog you down with “info” …this is turn-key.

 that is proven to speed up your sales cycle.

Here are The "Building Block" email marketing Campaigns I’m Creating For You Immediately

First of all, these are tested campaigns that is (literally) that we will write out for you with with world-class sales copy with each message customized so it's relevant to your business. 

Yes, the heavy lifting has been done and all programming is complete. 

So let’s zero in on each campaign and how to deploy them best …

The first campaign we want to show you is …

the "list builder funnel"

The Listbuilder campaign is an ideal vehicle to put your stake in the ground as a digital marketer. As you can see, it integrates multiple components and yes, it does mean emailing prospects twice a day over three days.

Now, if that little voice of yours whispers, “That’ll turn off all those on my list because I’m bugging them twice a day,” let’s put that to rest right now.

Testing from some of the top marketing experts in the world (and across the galaxy) shows that multiple emails per day actually produces better results.

You know why? Because people’s email inboxes today are overflowing. So they could very well miss one of your messages. And no one wants that.

Next, let's talk about ...

the "quick launch funnel"

Compared to the List Builder campaign, the Quick Launch Campaign is more ambitious. You’re actively selling via a sales page or VSL (video sales letter). What’s unique is that if prospects don’t buy after going through the “click sequence” they will automatically be them into a “countdown sequence.”

That sequence features countdown timers in both the emails and the sales page. And both the sequences in the Quick Launch Campaign give you the ability to enroll leads into another sequence in the future.

Pretty cool, huh? But it’s about to get 500 times cooler because …

We Also Build And Install Custom Website Templates For You ...For Every Campaign!

We build (and install) templates for your opt-in pages, your webinar registration pages, your video sales letter pages, your launch pages, your content pages ...everything. 

But we don't stop there.

We also integrate everything with wordpress and "plug it all in" for every campaign ...for you.

There are over 30 web pages we build and install for you in total, and they're all template-based on the web pages I personally have used (and tested for conversion) in my own campaigns!

When we work together, we're literally doing 99% of the "work" for you ...

All the opt in forms are built and integrated for you, all the templates are built, pre-installed, integrated, and "plugged in" to each campaign for you, and everything is set up and ready to go.

It Keeps Getting Better

Just because we build everything for you and personally help you with your copy doesn't mean we're finished.

Far from it! After we do this all for you, we'll still work together because every month, you'll get on a going support via on phone, text or email. Where we go over exactly how to use everything and answer any questions you have.

This way, you can rest easy knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering …

Here's How Much It Costs If You Decide You Want Us To Implement Your Free Blueprint For You.

In the event we decide to work together after your initial free consult, we'll immediately start building everything I described above.

The total cost for everything - the fully customized campaign based on your personal blueprint, the two "building block campaigns" built and installed for you, the setup of your wordpress/godaddy account, your 30+ web pages built, installed, and integrated for you, plus the monthly ongoing support is just three payments of $5,860. 

Yes, that is a great price.

We're deliberately keeping it very, very affordable because we know that once you have this, you'll be a customer for life. (The majority of our business has always come from repeat customers.) 

Anyway - as you can imagine, there is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of service, and at the great price we just mentioned, we'll hit our capacity very quickly. So if you're interested,

here's what to do next

First, let us give you a "taste" of what it's like to work together ...for free.

And if you like that, then we can talk about accepting you as a client.

The way it works is simple. To schedule your initial Blueprint session with my me, I'll need to collect a $100 "real person deposit".

Don't worry, we're not "in it" for your deposit, and it's refundable under every circumstance known to man.

We're just collecting it as a way to keep time-wasters at bay and you can have it back after we create the blueprint for you and go over it over the phone with you. 


here's what happens after that

Next, you'll be taken to a quick little questionnaire that helps us get prepared to help you when we talk.

This info helps finding out exactly how your business works (or how you want it to work).

What you're selling (or plan to sell), what your price points are, what your promoting, your sponsors,   and everything else you want to tell us.

Then we find out what you want to do. What your sales goals are, how many leads and subscribers you want to generate each month, what you want your average sale to be worth from the get-go, what you want your upsells to be, and so forth. 

Basically, we're getting a snapshot of where you are and where you want to be. Next we start to build the plan to get you there.

And that's where the Blueprint process comes in.

The way that works is we'll "prescribe" a marketing process and map it out for you ...based on your current business model and your goals. 

Then We Schedule A Time To Go Over Your free blueprint ​

We will  message you to schedule a time and day to talk over the phone as soon possible, typically no more than a day or two. 

Don't worry, you're not going to hear from telemarketers or slick sales people or anything like that.

Our entire focus is to give you the best custom marketing plan, for free, and let that experience speak for itself.

Oh, and speaking of the blueprint,

here's what happens when we talk

We can discuss more about the blueprint and you can ask us any questions you may have.

And you let me know how you want to use the free blueprint we give you.

First, you can build the system yourself or hire someone else to do it. If that's your decision, we're happy we could help and we'll wish you the best of luck.

Your other choice is to have us build it for you. If that's your decision, we'll create all the campaigns and web pages I mentioned above with just 3 monthly payments of $5,860.

But whatever you decide, please know there will be no pressure to become a client.

but this is not for anybody. Here's who i can help:

I’m VERY picky about who I’ll give a blueprint with and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

 1. You have to have a solid business already.

This offer is for people who are up and running already and simply want to save time while doubling their revenue and protect your profits in the long term. I won’t work with beginners, get rich quick people, or “biz-opp” folks. 

2. You must have a steady flow of leads and customers.

This means that you’re getting consistent traffic to your instagram or website (if you do have a website) and making sales already. You’re running ads, you’re promoting, and you’re selling stuff. You don’t have to be “everywhere” or “huge” ...I just need you to be PRESENT in your market.

3. You must have a following.

It doesn’t really need to be that big ...just responsive. 

4. You must have a good, solid product, sponsors, or and a good reputation.

Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

And in order for us to do that, you need to have your act together. In other words, you need to be legit. 

5. You MUST follow directions. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything weird.)

After all, if you don’t actually implement the stuff I give you, neither one of us will make money. That’s it! Those are all my requirements.

So if you're ready to get started,

Gregory James - Email Marketing Consultant

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to building you an automated email sales funnel for you business so you can save time while doubling your revenue in less time.


Gregory James

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